7 Winter Tips for a Cozy Apartment

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The winter often brings some wickedly cold weather our way. Conditions can get so bad, they practically leave us shivering in our own homes! Turning the thermostat up might be your go-to option to combat cold, but that does a number number on your wallet and you won’t be too happy with your decision in the long run. There are many cost-effective ways to beat the cold, maintain a cozy living space, and ultimately save on your energy bill. Here are 7 winter tips to cozy up your apartment before you crank up the heat.

Layer Up

Your first choice to escape from the winter chill should be layering up your clothes. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, sweaters, socks and slippers are great articles of clothes to start with. Still cold? Throw on some more! Make use of your body heat and keep it near you, not lost in the clutches of winter.

Hot Beverages

A hot drink is a great option to beat the cold. Whip up some tea, coffee or hot chocolate and warm your insides. Your body will thank you, but don’t burn your tongue!

Plush Rugs

If you have hardwood or tile floors, you’ll know exactly why rugs are a must-have during the winter. Choose a rug that fits the style of your apartment first, and then search for your preferred texture. The goal in the end is to keep your feet off the cold ground. Yes, fluffy and soft rugs will be the most comforting during the cold but just about any rug will do. Think of the rug as an added layer of protection from the elements of winter your home gets exposed to.


Utilize your kitchen during the winter, especially the oven! The heat from the oven will warm up your apartment just the same as any other heat source. The plus side here is you’ll get to indulge on all your baked goodness while enjoying the cozy temps and aromas.

Warm Colors

Decorate your apartment with warm winter colors. Shades of reds, browns and yellows, for example, give off the illusion of warmth with their inviting tones and hues. Then, get together some of your favorite pillows, blankets and bedding to make you not only think your apartment is warm and toasty, but actually is!


This tip is debatable depending on personal preference. A no-brainer to escape from the cold is hiding within the warm embrace of your bed. Certain sheets and bed comforters may be too light to keep you warm during the winter, so switching them with something thicker is a smart choice. There are those however who have a different opinion on sleep comfort. Some like to be relatively cool while they sleep, so in that case, fix your bedding as you find fit.

Blankets Everywhere

Keeping blankets within arms-reach at all times is critical to fending off the cold. What’s great about blankets is that you can wear them at will, they’re easily stored, and you can always add layers if you’re still cold. Pull out your favorite blanket and warm up when you’re cold, and when you’re done, just fold it back up for next time! Just be careful; if you don’t keep your blankets neat, an apartment can look like it was hit by a twister in no time!

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Escaping the cold is never easy, but it’s by no means a lost cause. Escape the cold of Reston, VA and cozy up your apartment this winter with these helpful tips. To learn more about Lerner Residential and Lerner Springs at Reston, contact us today and view our virtual tour or photo gallery for a better look!

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