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902, 2018

5 Valentine’s Date Night Ideas in Reston, VA

Fun Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Significant Other   When you live in a town like Reston, Virginia, it’s not exactly hard to find pleasurable ways to occupy your time – which is especially useful on special occasions like Valentine’s Day. If you’re not exactly sure what to narrow it down to, check out the five best date night ideas you and your significant other can do this Valentine’s Day in Reston: 1.      Participate in Snow-Filled Activities at [...]

1312, 2017

5 Easy Winter Meals to Cook in Your Apartment

On a cold winter day in Reston, Virginia, nothing feels better than taking a bite of a warm, home cooked meal. Living in an apartment often means being smart with your kitchen space. However, that does not mean you can’t cook yourself up a hot meal! All of these winter meals below are super easy and will only use one or two pots or pans, meaning you can conserve space and reap the benefits of cooking on a cold winter [...]

1312, 2017

5 Indoor Winter Activities Near Reston, VA

On a cold winter day in Reston, VA, there is still so much you can do outside of your apartment. While it is nice spending a snow day bunkered in your apartment at Lerner Springs at Reston, sometimes it is a good idea to explore some indoor activities in the area. We have you covered with some of our favorite top 5 indoor winter activities to do near Reston, VA. Be sure to try them all at some point this [...]

512, 2017

7 Winter Tips for a Cozy Apartment

Images via Pexels The winter often brings some wickedly cold weather our way. Conditions can get so bad, they practically leave us shivering in our own homes! Turning the thermostat up might be your go-to option to combat cold, but that does a number number on your wallet and you won’t be too happy with your decision in the long run. There are many cost-effective ways to beat the cold, maintain a cozy living space, and ultimately save on your [...]

1209, 2017

5 Date Night Ideas in Reston, Virginia

Image via Pexels   Reston, Virginia is located in Fairfax County and part of the D.C. metropolitan area. Rich with local attractions and natural beauty, there is no shortage of couple-friendly attractions in Reston. We’ve narrowed down some of the top date night destinations that are sure to impress your significant other. From concert venues to breweries to cool restaurants in the area, there’s something that everyone will love once Friday night comes around!   1) Wolf Trap National Park [...]

108, 2017

5 End of the Summer Events in Reston, VA

  Image via Pexels No one wants to see the summer come to an end. But before you get upset, don’t fret! You still have time for some end of the season adventures! For residents of Reston, VA, you’re in luck; we’ve compiled a list of some of the best events happening in the area this August. Make the most of your summer with our list of the top things to do in Reston!   1.    Trivia Night at The [...]

1407, 2017

The 5 Best Parks and Hiking Spots in Reston, Virginia

Image via Pexels Did you know that getting outdoors is one of the healthiest things you can do for both your mentality and your physical wellness? Even just taking a walk and getting some sun on your face and fresh air in your lungs has been known to correlate to overall contentment and well-being. If you’re a resident of the Reston, Virginia area, you’re in luck. There are many great spots to hike and a handful of parks in the area to enjoy, [...]

706, 2017

5 Staycation Ideas in Reston, VA

Image via Wikimedia Commons Everyone loves going on a nice, long vacation to a new or foreign destination. Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life – not to mention financial constraints – that big, fancy vacation sometimes has to wait. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get away and do something fun nearby. This is called a “staycation,” a vacation of sorts in which you go out and do something new and fun in your very own [...]

705, 2017

6 Spring Decorating Ideas

Image via Pexels   Gone are the cold winter nights and freezing temperatures; spring is here to stay! (For the next few months, at least.) Spring is a season characterized by renewal and revival. Bring those feelings into your home this spring by using these decorating ideas to liven up your living space!   1.    Spring Colors around Your Home Incorporating spring colors into your apartment is a great way to ring in the season. Pastel colors will look great [...]

3103, 2017

6 DIY Projects for Your Home

Image via Pixabay You may not know it, but there are plenty of inexpensive ways to incorporate useful and decorative pieces into your home. Luckily, Lerner Springs at Reston has compiled a list of fun and useful DIY projects, perfect for any home. All of the supplies needed for these DIY projects can be found in one of the many shopping areas, just a short drive from Lerner Springs at Reston. 1.     Chalkboard If you have an old picture frame [...]

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